FEC meeting minutes May 9th 2020

FEC MEETING – 8th May Present: Mark Patton, Kevin Turner, Damien Gooley, Gavin TangApologies: Gull HerzbergMinute taker: Gavin 

  • Acknowledgement of Country by Kevin
  • Minutes of meeting 9th April approved. 1.Mark   2.Kevin
  • Secretary’s report: only legal commitments are EOFY report to Fair Trading due five months after EOFY (November 30). Change of directors and office bearers must be sent in to Fair Trading.
  • Treasurer’s report: $1,120 in bank; no changes since last meeting. Contribution by Kevin at $12/week.
  • Discussion on wages and trans tax applicability (only compulsory if employer is partner and hires on condition of FEC membership).
  • Damien: update on logging in following feedback from Linden Turner’s registration. Linden generally happy.
    • Meeting with Jonas (IT, computer repairman) perhaps with feedback, advice later on
  • Gavin: I have written an article to the New Economy Journal. Editors say they plan to put it in June edition. Article is twice the recommended maximum length.
  • Damien: working of invoicing system for tax payable.
    • Discussion on use of Stripe for payment; consensus to delete that option for now.
    • Purple pages not currently live; need for partners to re-enter details for PP entry.
    • Damien to revive PP and email people to fill it in. Gavin: looks encouraging to potential members to see a populated PP.
    • Workbench to-do list – option to put line through finished tasks.
    • No current way to sign up as partner after signing up as member. To be rectified by Damien
  • Gavin to re-write letter to Irmhild asking her to sign up as partner. PP has to be up prior to this.
  • Damien: ‘pitching points’ can be found in workbench > Sections > Marketing.
  • Kevin: person with video skills ‘a dead loss’
  • Consensus to eliminate QR codes and stars at this stage from our stickers.
  • Two kinds of stickers: ‘trading partner’ and ‘member’. Order 500 of each for window sticker; 100/900 if there are no set-up costs. Gavin needs to confirm no set-up costs with supplier; otherwise 1000 of ‘member’.
  • No tabletop sticker. Policy of getting business cards and blue-tacking onto tables etc if required
  • Kevin: happy to do letterbox residential leaflet. Mark: we need to have a ‘focus’ for the contents, e.g. target of say 100 new members.
  • Damien; to work on money flow chart, communicate with, write to Jason about tax payable
  • Damien; to send out Coop letterhead to all directors for official use.
  • Gavin to contact Louise Skidmore mid-next week; Kevin to pass Louise’s phone number to Gavin.
  • Gavin to write draft article to promote Coop to BAA for their journal
  • ‘How it works’ to take a prominent space on homepage.
  • Kevin: (to all) we should do a soft launch now.
  • Next meeting: Friday 5th, 9.45

 To Do ListGavin: re-write letter to Irmhild

  • Follow up editors of New Economy Journal
  • Check with suppliers re stickers, order when approved by others
  • contact Louise Skidmore
  • write draft article to promote Coop to BAA
  • Draft out letterbox leaflet contents
  • Work on Secretary’s legal role obligations
  • Work on list of NFPs to write to (time and energy allowing)

 Damien: send out Coop letterhead to all directors

  • to work on money flow chart,
  • write to Jason
  • send out Coop letterhead to all directors
  • revive PP and make it possible to register as partner for existing members, email people to fill it in.
  • remove stripe payment option
  • ASAP: Do copies of ‘Member’ and ‘Trading Partner’ logo and then send to Gavin

 Kevin: prepare agenda for next meeting

  • Letterbox drop if ready