FEC Meeting Agenda 8 May 2020


Meeting Agenda – 08/05/2020

Set up Zoom for Gavin and others. 9.45am Join Zoom Meeting at https://us04web.zoom.us/j/6608112620

Acknowledgement of Country- Kevin. Meeting Start 10-12 noon.

Attendees: New persons introduce themselves-attendees

Apologies: Minutes of previous meeting held 09/04/2020: Accepted, Seconded.

Secretary Report: Gavin

Treasurer’s Report: Mark

Correspondence: Facebook, emails, new members – Damien,

All Business Arising: Web site and IT update including Voting: Damien - 30 minutes

Contact Carpenter Jonas, FEC received second transaction tax. Invoicing: Are we ready? -Damien

Workbench: To Do List-Update-Priorities

Tasks-All Tee shirts update Charley Wright -Gavin

Irmhild letter to register as a business partner-Gavin

Pitching Points- update and What next? Mark, Gavin, Kevin.

Video’s – Kevin

Stickers update: Gavin

CANVAS update: Rolled over from last meeting – Evan

Pictorial display of potential NFP income: update – Mark,

Letter Head design-Damien,Gavin

Web site and IT coding expert update – All

New Business: Letter to Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Secretary Louise Skidmore re. join as NFP member and letter for News Leaf to members of BAA. -Gavin, Kevin

Letter to Chryalis School- Gavin