FEC Meeting Minutes 09th April 2020

FEC MEETING – April 9th
Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners: Kevin
Present: Kevin Turner, Damien Gooley, Mark Patton, Gavin Tang
Apologies: Gull Herzberg
Minutes previous meeting, 28 February 2020 by Gavin Tang: approved Kevin, seconded Mark
Minutes this meeting: Gavin Tang

• Secretary’s report by Gavin: no AGM report required by Fair Trading; progress on quotes on vinyl stickers; no positive reply on funding requests.
• Treasurer’s report by Mark: $1109 in account, no bills or accounts outstanding.
• Damien: Domain registration company now not web hosting nor email hosting – does not affect us. Migrated website to VPS virtual private server. URL should revert to ‘www…’ instead of ‘new….’
• Kevin: got carpenter Jonas to register as tax paying member and register FEC income.
• Kevin: we need a spreadsheet of jobs. Gavin questions if Gull’s AirTable is designed for that. Damien recommends Workbench from website (more later)
• Mark: secretary should send email to Charley Wright to enquire if she is interested or not to proceed with T-shirt project as per last meeting
• Gavin to write to Irmhild socially and ask her to register as a business partner.
• Damien to insert into newsletter list of new ly signed up business partners as a promo for them.
• Kevin’s report of Local Futures webinar: not bad in the mornig; bit ‘Helena’ in the arvo.
• Kevin suggests we develop pitching points (PP). Mark to develop PP for business; Kevin for individuals; Gavin for NFPs.
• Kevin: found young man into making videos, contacted him two days earlier.
• Stickers: change ‘member’ to ‘partner’; red stars instead of yellow. Damien to change and send to Gavin
• CANVAS: Roll over in the absence of Evan
• Facebook update: roll over
• Kevin: we should start pitching to NFPs. Gavin to start (or retrieve) generic letter to NFPs. Damien has to write NFP voting web page.
• Mark to work on pictorial display of potential NFP income
• Members present introduced by Damien to the To-do list in Workbench on website.
• Damien: I could do with some overview of my IT work by someone with coding/advanced IT/web development expertise. Anyone know anyone? Damien: otherwise I am okay.
• Blockchain: apply later. Damien: could write your own blockchain.
• Next meeting: Friday 8th May, 2020. 10 AM

To Do List
• Work on To-Do list

• write to Irmhild socially and ask her to register as a business partner
• pitching points to NFPs and template for letter
• ongoing sticker quotes work
• send email to Charley Wright
• contact carpenter re second transaction, contact video man
• PP to individuals
• Prepare agenda next meeting
• PP to businesses
• pictorial display of potential NFP income
• ongoing IT work
• NFP gift allocation voting page
• Touch up stickers, send to Gavin