FEC Meeting Agenda – 09th April 2020

Meeting Agenda – 09/04/2020

Set up Zoom for Gavin and others.
Zoom meeting link.
You may need to install zoom first (https://zoom.us/)
Click this link to get to the meeting.

Acknowledgement of Country- Kevin.
New persons introduce themselves-attendees
Minutes of previous meeting held 28/02/2020: Accepted, Seconded.
Secretary Report: Gavin
Treasurer’s Report: Mark
Correspondence: Facebook, emails, new members – Damien, All
Business Arising:
• A side project that might generate an income stream such as making T-shirts etc-Charley,Damien
• Testing out the registration process, Kevin Gavin, Irmhild – Damien
• Report on Byron Bay conference and workshop: All
• Work on pitching points draft and ask for opinions/feedback. NFP, Business and individuals.
• Report on proposal to use formerly written video scripts. Add animation into video. Proposal to film the presentation at Byron Bay and use that to explain the ‘big picture’ behind the Cooperative, Break video’s into small quick segments? -Gavin, Gull.
• Follow up on stickers – Damien, Gavin.
• John Bloom of Rudolf Steiner Foundation re grant money. - Gavin
• Canvas business modelling -Evan
• Contact with Caz the manager of the community markets re. $500-Kevin
• Update on Facebook landing page. - Gull, Evan
• Clarify what Fair Trading requires re AGM report and End of financial year reports. -Gavin
• Letters to subscribers encouraging them to register. – Damien
• Kevin and Mark to send money flow/income estimate to Damien to make into slideshow. - Damien
• Winter Music community event (LEAF) for July 9-12.-Kevin
• Supply spread sheets or dot points scheduling what needs to be achieved before launch-Gavin. Damien, Mark, Evan, Kevin.

• New Business:

• How can we attract expertise of others to assist FEC’s development?- Mark

• Discussion: NEM – Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) » Projects https://nem.io/community/projects/ – Gull
• Discussion: QR code https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/ ): Gull

Next Monthly Meeting at the Stables.