FEC Meeting Minutes 28 February 2020

FEC Meeting Minutes 28 February 2020
Present: Kevin Turner, Damien Gooley, Mark Patton, Gavin Tang
Apologies: Gull Herzberg, Charley Wright
Minute taker: Gavin Tang

• Minutes from 23rd Jan accepted Mark, seconded Damien.
• Treasurer’s report: $1046 in bank. $1000 donation by Kevin. Thank you Kevin.
• Mark: no contact with accountant since last meeting
• Mark: need to get tax file number to get an ABN. ‘Too complicated for me to research’ (Mark). Decision to abandon this project to get ABN for the moment.
• We might at a later stage, hand over the book-keeping to the bookkeeper that does the accounts for the community markets. He is apparently good and meticulous.
• Damien: We need a side project that might generate an income stream such as making T-shirts. Some tentative acceptance of this proposal. Kevin to talk to Charley re self-generating income stream.
• Mark: we need to get transaction tax working very soon.
• Gavin to register wife Kathryn to test out the registration process. Gavin to register himself as a member and trader. Kevin to ask son Linden to do the same.
• Kevin to ask Irmhild to register and give feedback.
• Gavin to come by train to Bello on Thursday 19th March prior to Byron Bay conference. Will workshop the conference workshop with Kevin, Gull (and Damien?) 4.00pm at the Stables. Gavin to send out draft proposals for format to workshop.
• Canvas business modelling -Evan not present- ongoing.
• Mark: good to encourage people to set up a local chapter of the FEC rather than wait for it ‘to come to town’.
• Mark: to work on pitching points draft and ask for opinions/feedback. Different pitches to NFPs, traders, individuals.
• Gavin proposing to use formerly written video script and see if it can be made into a video for little/no money. Add animation into video. Proposal to film the presentation at Byron Bay and use that to explain the ‘big picture’ behind the Cooperative. Does anyone have access to a better camera than a phone.
• Kevin; Gavin could write the 12 points for different videos. Gavin not sure.
• Damien to follow up on stickers following Gavin’s sending him the draft images.
• Damien to tidy up NFP gift recipient guidelines and upload it onto website
• Gavin has written to John Bloom of Rudolf Steiner Foundation re grant money. Margaret Bruvel no response.
• Kevin: met with Caz the manager of the community markets. She said a gift funding of $500 may be in the offing.Kevin to write to Caz.
• No update on Facebook landing page. Kevin to chase up Gull, Evan.
• Mark: Adam Blakestar has got in place the facility for FEC to set up an ancillary trust fund for tax-deductible donations. Catch is that there is a $500 flat fee to process each donation, plus 10% of whatever is donated. In other words, only worth doing for big donations.
• Gavin to clarify what Fair Trading requires re AGM report
• Mark: what I had to do for a (financial) report was a C12 form and pay late fee.
• Money Flow Chart-Could be included in workshop -Gull?
• Damien yet to write letters to subscribers encouraging them to register.
• Kevin and Mark to send money flow/income estimate to Damien to make into slideshow.
• Damien: Naomi tidying up Facebook.
• Kevin: CEL has offered a tent for the community event (LEAF) for July 9-12. Decision to have a stall/tent. Mark offers free falafel for anyone manning the tent. Thank you, Mark.
• All - Supply spread sheets with what needs to be achieved before launch-Gavin. Damien, Mark, Evan, Kevin.
• Next meeting: April 6 (Monday) or April 10 (Thursday). Kevin to sound out others on preferences.