FEC Meeting Agenda August 5th 2020

Meeting Agenda – 05/08/2020

Set up Zoom for Gavin and others - 9.45am -Damien

Acknowledgement of Country- Kevin. Start 10am-12noon


New persons introduce themselves-attendees


Minutes of previous meeting held 19/06/2020: Accepted, Seconded.

Secretary Report: Gavin,

Treasurer’s Report: Mark

Correspondence: Pay Pal form, Facebook, emails, new members – Damien, All

Business Arising:
Web site and IT update including Voting, Purple Pages, Transactions- Damien - 30 minutes, Trading Partner Invoicing: Update. -Damien
Tee shirts update-Mark
Bellingen Markets 18th July report Damien-Kevin
Pictorial display of potential NFP income: update – Mark, Damien
Contact Louise Skidmore BAA and News leaf letter for BAA members-Update-Gavin
Stickers update: Gavin
Video How it Works update- Kevin
Chrysalis School Tim Fry NFP-Update- Kevin
Bellingen Chamber of Commerce zoom meeting report-Damien,Gavin,Kevin
CANVAS update: Rolled over from last meeting – Evan. Would be good to reconnect with Evan see how he is going. -Kevin
Letter Box leaflet update-Kevin
FEC, s legal obligations and Secretaries role and reporting document-Gavin
Work on NPF lists and contact-Update-Gavin

New Business:
New video - James Roff Chrysalis School update – Kevin,Gavin
Proposal we move the option to have tax deducted from your salary by your employer to the My Account section where you can elect to have that done later-Damien
Proposal we add the Australian based eway  https://www.eway.com.au/payment-gateway/ to our list of payment gateway options-Damien
The Community Contribution will be hard coded as 3%. We can provide an option under My Account to increase that value later. – Damien
Discussion points-
1 /Community Contribution or TAX or Community Revenue - When are these descriptions used or not?-Gavin - All
2/Perhaps we need to rephrase 'There are three ways to become an active member' to 'There are three kinds of membership/partnership'- Gavin-All
3/ Prototype Font use in FEC doc's and leaflets etc.- Damien
Set date for 2020 AGM and prepare agenda.-All

Next Meeting: Zoom or face to face. Where. when?

To Do List from 5th June
Gavin: re-write letter to Irmhild
• Follow up editors of New Economy Journal
• Check with suppliers re stickers, order when approved by others
• contact Louise Skidmore
• write draft article to promote Coop to BAA
• Draft out letterbox leaflet contents
• Work on Secretary’s legal role obligations
• Work on list of NFPs to write to (time and energy allowing)

Damien: send out Coop letterhead to all directors
• to work on money flow chart,
• write to Jason Not sure what this is in regard to? Should say - write to Jonas.
• send out Coop letterhead to all directors
• revive PP and make it possible to register as partner for existing members, email people to fill it in.
• remove stripe payment option
• ASAP: Do copies of ‘Member’ and ‘Trading Partner’ logo and then send to Gavin

Kevin: prepare agenda for next meeting
• Letter box drop if ready